Monday, October 24, 2011

Baby Shower Photo Dump

Note: click on any picture to enlarge :)

The foods

Justin, S, and my brother...

The Happy Little Family 

I ended up with 2 corsages and I tried to get S to wear one but he said NO!

My GORGEOUS diaper cake...I actually don't even want to take it apart but most of the components of it are for the baby from diapers, feeding spoons for inner support, the "flowers" are baby socks, burp cloth bottom, fleece blankie underneath, the monkey is a rattle, and other toys (made by the same fabulous friend that made the corsage we altered to wear on my wrist) 

S wouldn't smile for a picture so I may or may not have grabbed his butt during this photo op

Amber and Myself giving the "HUH?!" look at something crazy being said

Eating, laughing, and carrying on!

I don't think Mandy likes photos being taken of her...what do you think?!

More guests

I'm being my normal bossy self and Angela is shaking her head at me

There are probably about 15 different pictures of me SQUEEEEE'ing over tiny baby socks

Gorgeous baby blankets my mom crocheted for us

My "little helpers" cracking me up! I had one to hand me things to unwrap and the little one to take presents and set them across the deck! I highly recommend putting children at a shower to use this way since 1) they like being part of the action and it keeps them from being underfoot and 2) it means you don't have to haul your pregnant self around moving stuff (and your hostesses will be able to sit back and enjoy with the rest of the crowd :)

The husband, brother, and Justin ran off before the shower began...
under my mother's orders it seems to go grab a particular shower gift from my mom and dad and take it to the house and I was left of a print off picture of what it was:
an awesome crib and dresser with changer table combo!!!

awesome personalized burbies and a coordinating bib

I heard so many mommies swear by this little seahorse

a million and 3 little sleepers, onesies, and clothing sets...all equally cute!

and this blue bag FULL of baby clothing, blankets, and burpies

Owl Themed Boppy and Bedding

All in all, I'd say the shower was a success...not pictured (because I don't want it to take 20 minutes to load on anyone's internet) is the millions of baby care items like wash, lotions, diapers, and wipes, the bouncer, play mat, play gym, the booster seat/high chair thing that looks super cool and so many other awesome things! 

Great friends, awesome finger foods, so many useful gifts, and much laughter! I had a great time and every else told me they had fun too! All that we will have to buy now is our cloth diapers, bottles, a changing table pad, and a few other small odds and ends! We are definitely grateful for everything we got and so thankful for the generosity of our friends and family! 


  1. You are adorable! It looks like you had a great time! And she is spoiled already :)

  2. How exciting! love the owl bedding! We don't have showers before our babies are born in Canada! Different traditions, equally interesting!

  3. It's so true that whenever we see teeny tiny baby socks we 'SQEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE' hahaha

    Your baby shower looked awesome!! I love the blankets your mom made!

  4. Awww how fun!! From what I hear that seahorse is a miracle worker!! I didn't have it, but I've heard great things. :o)

    For Love of Cupcakes


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