Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday Breakdown

So on Thursday night, we left town to go to Dallas around 10:30pm, arriving at the first shopping mall at midnight, when it opened. From there, we hit up Target, Babies R Us, Toys R Us, Kohls, and then the Galleria Mall. I want to say it wasn't tiring, but it was. We didn't get home til *gasp!* Friday afternoon. To say we were all exhausted, is an understatement but hey, the deals and the loot we all brought home? So worth it.

I'll give you a short break down of what I spent vs. what I saved.

I really like what Lowe's did for Black Friday, instead of having to go and fight for stuff, you could order it online and have the option of picking it up at the store or having it shipped straight to you. For free, either way. So of course, I'm having my dad's Christmas present shipped straight to my house!
I spent (with taxes) $63.97 on a regularly priced $99 air compressor, saving about $35 plus the $15 I saved with free shipping. Can't beat that with a stick!

Bath & Body Works. Oh how I love thee!
don't mind the purple box of shoes behind stuff
All these things, if I was to pay ticket price, I would have spent close to $146.00, not to mention the price of the actual bag and make-up bags included. Thanks to the Buy 3, Get 3 Free on select items and other various deals and coupons PLUS the Black Friday Promo of spend $40 or more and get the black bag full of goodies for only $20 more (bag valued at $103, items inside bag valued at $61 so I am assuming the bag and mini bags inside it cost around $42?), I somehow got out of the store spending around $50. I actually think the poor guy rang my stuff up wrong because I should have been charged closer to $70 upon investigation but I didn't realize it til I was looking at my receipts for this blog post, so what can you do? I hope he didn't get into trouble!

Old Navy. I didn't find much I was in want or need of but I did get S a pair of jeans for $15.00. Regular price? $29.50. I also got me a new pair of cheap little slippers for when Vera decides to make an appearance and I won't ruin my nice house shoes for $5, regular price of $14.94.
With taxes added in, I spent $21.65 with a savings of $24.44. Not bad.

Toys R Us. I bought a boppy slipcover so I would have an extra on hand for around $6, regularly priced around $11 and some Philips Avent Soothies because they are impossible to find in my area at full price (2 pack) for around $5. So I didn't save a whole lot here, just a measly $5.

Now Babies R Us. That's another story. I didn't need any of the big ticket, huge savings items they were advertising but I was in the area and decided to go anyways. I am so glad I did. We saw the Summer Infant Slim and Secure Video Baby Monitor with a special little tag on it above the case. Curious, my mom and I went to go look at the prices. The tag read out something along the lines of Regular Price, $79.99. Save $50 and pay only $22.49. First off, that math isn't right so we knew something was up. Second of all, that particular monitor runs full price at $200. We call an employee over to inquire and he snatches the tag off and runs to his manager! The serial numbers and everything match up to the $200 monitor so my mom, bless her heart is the most non-assertive woman I've ever met but I suppose when it comes to her grandchildren, she will fight the good fight one way or another!!!
She tells the manager that he better not even think about not giving us that monitor for the ticketed price. It's not our fault that it was marked wrong and she wants it for what it was marked. Oh my.
Y'all, this is NOT my mom speaking. Long story short? Immediate savings of $177.50 on that monitor.
With that kind of savings, we go spend another $57 on a silicone cover for the baby monitor's parent unit, a nursing bra, and baby girl's baby book. Yes, we paid full price for those things since they weren't on sale but with a savings of $177.50, I think we were okay! We got out of there only $86 poorer after taxes.
the super cheap baby monitor. I feel like we dang near stole it!
Victoria's Secret. Y'all don't get a picture of that particular loot, y'all don't need to know what my panties look like. I did grab the $5 for $25 deal spending $28.14 after taxes with a total savings of $15.51.

Target. I went for the entertainment, no! Not the entertainment and electronics section though. I did find a new awesome, plushy bathrobe for $15, regular price of $25. Knee Socks at 2 pair for $5, so I bought 4 pair. Another nursing bra for $10.06, $29.93 off the regular price of $39.99. And a other few odds and ends I saw and needed/wanted while I was out and about. I spend $43.35 with a total savings of $39.92.

Champs. It's a sporting goods store. My husband loves his basketball shorts. They were having a sale of buy 1, get 1 free so I bought him 2 pair for $25.00 end price, saving $25. I also found him some socks for buy one package, get the 2nd for 50% off. I spend a total of $40.03 after taxes with a savings of $29. Not too shabby.

Earthbounds Trading Co. I like this store for it's unique items. I got 20% off my total purchase plus on the earrings, buy 2 get a 3rd pair free. I spent $27.50 here with a savings of $8.20. Could have been worse, right?

Rack Room Shoes. They had a Buy 1 Pair, Get 2nd Pair Half Off. Evil, evil people, preying on my love of shoes!!! My new lovely boots were originally $64.99, minus $5 for their Black Friday, coming up at $59.99. My flats? Original price of $34.99, minus $5 for Black Friday plus 50% off on top of that taking off another $15 left me paying only $81.17 for 2 pairs of shoes. An approximate savings of $25.

I do have to admit that I did pay full price for everything at one store. Motherhood Maternity. Damn them, but hey, I needed and wanted the things I bought. I got a hooter hiders nursing cover for $35 and 4 pairs of washable nursing pads for $10 (just to see if I like them over disposables in the future.)

And of course, Starbucks, the donut shop on the way home, and McDonalds at 4am isn't going to be handing out Black Friday specials!

Overall with (food, drinks, and gas included,) I spent $516.62, with an estimated savings of about $475.

Another successful Black Friday, in my book! And? My husband isn't in the hospital from heart failure :) WIN!


  1. Seems like you found some great deals! I'm glad your hubs is still alive and kicking. :o)

    For Love of Cupcakes

  2. Sounds like you got terrific deals. Love all the lotions and baby items. Glad you had fun!

  3. You got some great deals! I couldn't brave it this year. I had gotten 2 hours of sleep each night the week before. I did make the Carter's store by noon though and saved a ton!

  4. Good for you, and especially your mom! What great savings!!!! I hated the reusable nursing pads, I hope you have a better experience than I did - but like you - I had to try!

  5. Well done!! the monitor deal is awesome and yes that's a great monitor! I'm with Sarah - no reusable nursing pads here, they're more work than they're worth. I love BF success stories :)


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